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Online support center

1. Try to use your keyboard CTRL+F and type the problem keywords, like "ink",
2. Here we only offered frequently questions you may meet, pls contact with us if cannot find your answers

Print head does not firing ink
1. Remove air by sucking out ink through the extension tube. Use syringe to remove air.
2. Check secondary tank and ink level sensor if defective or not.
3. Reconnect flat cable properly.
4. Replace defective print head control board.
5. Replace defective power board.
6. Check setting of voltage and wave.
7. Make sure all channels are enabled. 8. Replace print head.

Q2: Cannot achieve correct negative pressure
1. Remove ink from ink protect tank.
2. Remove ink from negative pressure tank.
3. Replace defective pressure gauge.
4. Check all ink tube lines for any leak.
5. Make sure there's no leak on all ink tube lines.
6. Replace defective air regulator.

Q3: UV lamp is not turning ON.
1. Replace defective UV lamp.
2. Check UV lamp switch for any malfunction.
3. When UV lamp turns off, allow 3~5 minutes before turning On. It has protection circuit.
4. Check all power supply cables connected to the UV lamp system.

Q4: Buzzer beeps from ink control board.
Check primary ink tanks and refill tanks that needs more ink.

Q5: Carriage gets in contact with media during printing.
1. Re-align the carriage so that the gap against the media is from 1.0~2.0m.
2. Turn on the vacuum motor switch.
3. Choose the right chamber setting for each media.
4. It can be adjusted in 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%.

Q6: Carriage suddenly stops during operation.
1. Clean Raster strip with IPA (alcohol).
2. Replace strip that has sever scratch.
3. Replace defective raster strip.
4. Replace defective raster encoder.
5. Re-align raster encoder.

Q7: Carriage is not moving.
1. Press green button (on/offline) to link between pc and printer.
2. Turn Off the machine. Restart after 10 seconds to reset the motor.

Q8:  Ink is not drying.
1. Check the appropriate setting of UV lamp mode.
2. Increase intensity of UV lamp to high by pressing the high power button.
3. Replace worn-out UV lamp.
4. Check shutter lamp assembly.
5. Make sure shutter lamp is working properly.

Other supports


You really know FASHIONCOLOR printers?

01. Select global brand materials
You should know what brand material we used for your printer.
We cannot say we are the best, but we put our heart and soul on every piece of parts on printers.

Select global brand materials
Select global brand materials

02. What processing machine we own
You should know those machines' meaning for a printer factory,
You will enjoy world top quality processing technology on your printers.

What processing machine we own         

03. Skilled and experienced workers bring you what?
You should know our skilled and experienced workers operate printers like their treasure.
You will enjoy different taste of made in China.
Skilled and experienced workers bring you what?
Skilled and experienced workers bring you what?

04. You will find A year-round printer test center
You should know continuous test makes every batch of printers keep same top quality,
You will enjoy the best music played in our printer test center.

You will find A year-round printer test center

05. You cannot open our packing to get your printers is our only worry
You should know the importance of fasten and safety packing  for a wide format printer,
You will enjoy the the “anomalous” packing we treated on your printers.

You cannot open our packing to get your printers is our only worryYou cannot open our packing to get your printers is our only worry          You cannot open our packing to get your printers is our only worry

So, you're getting to know FASHIONCOLOR printers?

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FASHIONCOLOR is a China inkjet printer manufacturer. We offer solvent printer, color inkjet printer, UC roll to roll printer,  UV flatbed printer, T-shirt printer, textile printer, and direct to garment printer.

We develop and manufacture digital printing system applied in  packaging, textile and advertising industries...